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we are ultimate solution for your Catering Needs in  and around India. Tell us exactly what you’re looking for and we’ll match you with qualified catering services. Simply follow these 3 steps and you’ll be on your way to planning the PERFECT event. Our major services are for wedding reception catering, and other functions exclusively. It’s fast, simple, and FREE. 
We provide customer with the function package offer which enables you to walk into the function hall, go about your business and stride out smiling, without experiencing the tension of a wedding or reception normally involves have today emerged as a symbol of success through selfless service and sincere delegation of its team of members. Its initial assets of hard work, wholesomeness and understanding to customer satisfaction have made it enough with Non- Vegetarian and Vegetarian’s taste.

Our catering service has its specialization in wedding catering, birthday parties, corporate meetings, social parties etc., and all kinds of functional events. Here we provide just right taste on your occasion that demands. We endow services in right era.

Marriage contractors catering services has distinctive recognition amid any other caterers in Chennai. We at Marriage contractors have belief in traditions. Consequently the food outfitted by us in a fresh method. Our caterers are cautiously trained and especially gentle to rejoice your festivity.

  Gulab jamun / Rasamalai / Rasagulla   Morning Tiffin   Evening Snacks
  Badam Kheer / Milk Payasam   Kasi Halwa   Milk Cake / Son Pappad/ Badusha
  Onion Curd Pachidi   Idli   Veg Samosa/ Pakoda/ Veg.Baji
  Fruit Pachidi   VenPongal   Coffee / Tea
  Cabbage Carrot Coconut Curry   MedhuVadai    
  Potato Bread Roast   Dosai / Masal Dosai   DINNER
  Cutlet   Chatni / Milagai Podi   Semiya paul payasam
  Poori/Chappathi   Kosthu / Sambar   Vellari curd pachidi
  Chenna /Kuruma   Coffee / Tea   Sweeet Pachidi
  Fried Rice/Pulav   Muhurtha Crush   Brinjal Bread Roast
  Bisibelabath       Potato Podimaaz
  Karuvepilai Sadhaam / Corainder Sadhaam   Lunch   Veg.kootu
  Rice   Laddu   Rice
  Rasam   Kalyana Payasam   Drumstick special sambar
  Appalam, Pappat   Curd Pachidi   Mysore Rasam
  Bagallabath   Sweet Pachidi   Dhal, Ghee, Appalam
  Chips ( Vazhai)   Pacchai Paruppu Kose malli   Aama Vadai
  Ice Cream   Vazhai Podimaaz   Pickles, Chips
  Beeda   Beans Paruppu Usili   Thick Buttermilk
  Fruits   Aviyal   Poli
  Pet Bottle   Kadamba Sambar / Pitlai   Vetrilai Pakku
      Tomato Rasam    
      Aama Vadai / Curd Vadai    
      Dhal, Ghee / Appalam    
      Thick Buttermilk    
      Vetrilai Pakku    
Kattusada Koodai        
  Jangiri   Poritha Kootu   .Dhal,Ghee, Appalam
  Avul Paul Payasam   Milaghu Kuzhambu   .Thayir Vadai
  Curd Pachidi   Rice   .Curd
  Mix Veg. Curry   Sambar   .Pickles
  Sembu Roast   Rasam   .Vetrilai Pakku
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